Canon 5D Mark IV Officially Announced

DigitalRev has posted that the Canon 5D Mark IV has finally been announced!  The Canon 5D series has really been the go to professional camera for tons of different photographers. I find that it's popular amongst fashion, portrait, landscape, wedding photographers and videographers.  It's been my dream camera to purchase if I ever go pro, mainly because it's full frame, has good battery life, and had dual card slot capabilities. These things are what I would consider to be very important to me when doing a pro shoot. Since I'm just a hobby photographer, I'm sticking to what I can afford (Canon EOS 80D and Fuji XT10), and I want to make sure I know my cameras well. But man, one day I would love to own a Canon 5D.  I think if I stick to my photography and eventually start shooting more portraits and actual events, I'd love to sell all my gear (camera and gear) and invest in a Canon 5D Mark IV. As someone on Facebook said, "Great, since the Mark IV has come out, the Mark III will drop in price, which means I can finally afford a Mark II."  :D