Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Another holiday season has rolled around this year, and I can't believe it came so quickly. As always, I'm so grateful for the family and friends that I have here in NY and all around the world - the friends who I'll never forget and hope to visit again one day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate. May it be filled with love, happiness, and peace. I'm about to embark on a new adventure, so updates on the blog should be coming up in the next year. I can't wait for 2017 to start!

Kimchi Jjigae

My first attempt at a Korean dish! Technically it's not "from scratch" since I didn't make the kimchi myself, but the rest was put together.

I followed the recipe from the Youtuber Maangchi.  I didn't create my own stock, but used beef stock instead. It turned out pretty good for my first time. Next time I'll put more kimchi and less tofu.

Stunning Portraits of Agile Ballet Dancers on the Candid Streets of Cuba

Stunning, stunning, stunning. 

"New York-based photographer Omar Robles is well known for his dedication to photographing elegant ballerinas against harsh urban backgrounds. Recently though, he was able to pursue a dream of his when he received an opportunity to travel to Cuba and shoot some of the top-ranked national dancers who live there. His project evolved unexpectedly during the visit, as Robles was simultaneously inspired by the amazing dance skills of these performers and “the cadence of the Cubans in the streets” who struggle to strike a balance from day to day."...